Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring ?

First, only bring soft sided luggage since space is limited and storage is easier. Also hard luggage can damage woodwork and paint.

For clothing bring casual wear, mostly shorts and t-shirts, and swimsuits. A few of the more formal restaurants require long pants and collared shirts and occasionally a jacket, but “smart casual” is the norm.

You can bring your own mask and snorkel if you’re inclined, but we carry an assortment of sizes. If you are expecting to scuba dive, check with us to make sure of the available equipment on board suits your requirements.

We carry sunscreen of the type we prefer to use, so generally it is on board. If you bring your own, please don’t use oily lotions as it stains the upholstery and no spray ons as it will distributed by the wind and makes floors slipery.

If you are getting seasick pretty easily please contact your doctor or pharmacy. They will advise you the best way.

What type of food and drinks are served?

The menus are designed around your food preferences, allergies and availability. We are trying to use as much as possible fresh and local produce. Ivonne, your chef, is excellent and creative and can usually prepare any dish requested.

Nonalcoholic drinks such sodas, juices are included. An assortment of wines, beers and liquors are available at additional costs but you also might consider our all inclusive package to avoid these costs.

What kind of activities are there to do?

On the ship we have snorkeling and Scuba Diving equipment, 2 kayaks, fishing gear. Of course don’t forget the sailing.

Most water sports are included but some are extra, and can be arranged by your crew. These would be diving for example.

On shore activities like kitesurfing or hiking can be recommended by us and will vary depending on the island.

What’s our itinerary going to be like?

The itinerary is based on your preferences of activities. We know the territory very well and will tailor the cruise to fit your requests. The Grenadines and the Caribbean offer a tremendous variety of bays, anchorages and towns to visit.

It isn’t possible to see everything in one visit, however, and you may need to adjust your itinerary to accommodate your schedule and activities you have chosen or return again in the future for another charter.

Please look here for itinerary examples which could be interesting for you.

What is The Cost of a Crewed Charter on Corsair?

he cost of crewed charters vary depending on the number of people on board and the duration. The duration of the charter is usually a week, but can be any length. Only we give you the freedom of bookings of single nights. Generally, all food, non alcoholic beverages and water activities are included. Diving is extra at 60US$ per dive including all equipment.

The price per person starts as low as $185 per day and person, based on a group of 8 people for an 8 day 7 night charter (Approximately $1300 per person per week). As a private cruise for a couple on a daily basis, the rate for one night will be $1050 for the entire ship, crew and including fullboard.

The summer season may be less expensive than winter in the Caribbean. Summer season is May 1st to December 14th. Winter season is December 15th to April 30th.

Christmas and New Years usually have an additional fee of 25%.

Dockage and shore excursions are extra.

Gratuities are the norm when the service merits it.

Remember that your crew work hard to ensure your vacation is a great and unforgettable one. They are your chef, bartender, tour guide, waiter, captain, mechanic, technician, cleaning maid and more 24/7 !

What’s the Weather like?

The extremely consistent weather conditions in the lower Antilles are one of the reasons this area is considered to be one of the best cruising grounds in the world!

The trade winds are nearly constant ranging from 10-25 knots, with an average of 15 knots  allowing for wonderful sailing. It also keeps it nice and pleasant for sunbathers! The water temperature ranges from 76 to 85.