Exotic Caribbean Journey with Charter Sailboat in Grenada!

MALU welcomes you onboard for a journey to preview the pristine marvels of nature in the island country of Grenada. Just hop into our charter sailboat in Grenada and have a pure expedition of the Caribbean side! You simply do not require a sailor’s expertise to join us as we will help you learn sailing in Grenada on your interest. In addition, you can try out a hand at fishing for the dinner or indulge in snorkeling to gaze the radiant coral reefs or just try diving in Grenada since we have an entire set of equipment and accessories required for such fascinating activities.

Boarding our beautiful and little yacht charter in Grenadines cruises you to the eclectic islands and take part in their local life and culture. We have a straightforward pricing structure as we believe in offering boat rental in Grenada throughout the year with a clear and uniform price. Our lovely boat is well-equipped to provide you all aspects of a comfortable trip, including shelter, space and of course, the quality of life. Enjoy a great voyage for a lifetime memory with us!